Public Information

Document register

The public view of the document register of the Emergency Response Centre enables to browse the documents created or received during the activities of the agency.

The document register allows to make inquiries about electronic documents dating back to 1 January 2005, provided that these are not subject to restriction on access. Documents with restriction on access do not appear in the document register. Only registration data has been published in this regard.

If you cannot find the document you are looking for, please submit a request for information to ... .

The leave and mission orders of the public servants of the Emergency Response Centre and the report on economic expenses can be found in the public document register of the public servant’s self-service portal.

The division of the service and employment positions of the Emergency Response Centre is established by an order of the director general.

According to section 119 of the Civil Service Act, the information about wages of the officials is publishedon the central website of the civil service from 2015.

Information about the division of budget of the Emergency Response Centre has been published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Emergency Response Centre does not independently carry out public procurements. We participate in the joint procurements of the area of government of the Ministry of the Interior.