Objectives for 2022

The Emergency Response Centre is a highly regarded Estonian employer with motivated employees, high-tech work equipment and supportive work environment.

  • We pay competitive wages that are on the same level as average wages in public administration and national defence.
  • The training we provide is flexible, organised based on the people participating and on various methods (e-learning, on-the-job training).
  • Physical and psychological support and assistance are ensured (monitoring, counselling, sports, relaxation).
  • The work equipment provided is convenient, effective, user-friendly and supports work processes (comfortable work clothes, IT hardware and software, mobile workplaces, innovative solutions).

Indicator: by 2022, the Emergency Response Centre is among the TOP 30 employers in Estonia and the voluntary employee turnover of the Emergency Response Centre is 8%.

The Emergency Response Centre is a competence centre that is regarded highly in Estonia and on an international level and that mediates rapid assistance and information that is not time-critical.

  • Emergency notifications are processed in a rapid and professional manner.
  • In the case of notifications that are not time-critical, the Emergency Response Centre provides relevant information concerning organisational matters and other instructions and advice from state authorities (Road Administration, Environmental Inspectorate, Estonian Rescue Board, etc.).
  • In a crisis situation, the Emergency Response Centre mediates reliable information in the country without delay (various channels for receiving and forwarding information, providing instructions and advice to inhabitants).

Indicator: results of the population satisfaction survey remain on the same level; data is also collected on the satisfaction of cooperation partners.

The Emergency Response Centre is focused on further developing services and improving quality.

  • The strategic lines of action of the Emergency Response Centre form the basis for goal-based long-term planning.
  • The development of services is focused on analysis-based activities that create value and transform the complex into simpler things (e.g. processing notifications that are not time-critical via one phone number).
  • Continuous development, seeking out and implementing alternative and innovative solutions will bring attention and recognition both in Estonia and on an international level as well.

Indicator: long-term development plans of the Emergency Response Centre have been compiled, roles and processes are reviewed regularly and the tasks in the institution’s action plan are performed by the set terms.