Help yourself and others

Safety begins with you

The Internal Security Strategy for 2015–2020 explains that security is made up from feelings and experience and that safety begins with every one of us. The wisest option is to prevent accidents, but if that is not possible, the consequences of accidents need to be mitigated.

Dare to notice, dare to help

Every inhabitant of Estonia has the opportunity to make their community safer. If you notice danger, someone in need of help, or you yourself need help, be sure to notify the Emergency Response Centre of this.

Call the number 112 if you need the help of an ambulance, police or rescue workers. If you cannot decide whether the situation at hand is an emergency or not, do not hesitate to call the emergency number. The call-taker will determine the severity of the situation and, if necessary, forward your call. Be sure to teach children how to call this number as well and encourage them to use it when necessary.

If you notice other problems regarding the environment, field of rescue, municipality or roads, be sure to notify us by using the help and information lines.