Mission, vision and core values


The mission of the Emergency Response Centre is to shape and ensure a safer living environment and to provide, via the common emergency phone number 112, fast and professional assistance in the case of emergencies.


The vision of the Emergency Response Centre for 2022 is to be a competence centre that is highly regarded, focused on cooperation and development, and the employees of which are committed to putting their knowledge, skills and experience to use in order to find the best possible solution when help is needed.

Core values

In our work, we are guided by joint core valuesprofessionalism, speed and humanity.

Professionalism means that our employees are given opportunities for self-development and to learn from their mistakes. We are open to cooperation and ready to take on responsibility.

Speed is of critical importance in our work, which is why we need to define all our activities and, if necessary, ask for advice, to ensure that help reaches those in emergencies as quickly as possible.

At the same time, we retain focus on the person at hand, as empathy and tolerance are also very important in our work. Our employees listen to, support and respect others – this enables us to understand peoples’ problems and worries.

основные ценности