SMS 112

The SMS-112 service is meant primarily to people with hearing or speech disabilities, who cannot make regular calls. Sending an emergency SMS is free in all mobile networks in Estonia.

The SMS-112 service allows people in need of help to send emergency text messages (in Estonian and Russian) if they need rescue workers, an ambulance or police. In order for the emergency text message to include as much necessary information as possible, SMS-112 message templates ought to be used. You can set those up at the registering environment.

In order to use the service, it is necessary to create a user account, as messages sent from previously unregistered mobile numbers are not automatically directed to the information system of the Emergency Response Centre. You can sign up as user at . Instructions on how to register as a user of SMS 112 can be found HERE.

If you need assistance with registration or want to ask a question, call the Information line of the Recue Service 1524 or send an email to: or contact unions and chambers of people with hearing and speech disabilities. Relevant contacts can be found HERE