SMS 112

The SMS-112 service is primarily aimed at people with hearing and speech impairments, who are unable to call for help by calling 112 in a regular way. Sending an emergency message is free of charge in all Estonian mobile networks.

Using the SMS-112 service, the person in need can send emergency messages in Estonian, Russian and English to call rescue workers, emergency medical service or the police. To make it easier to call for help via SMS, it is possible to use supporting message templates that can be configured by the registered users according to their needs. To register and configure templates, please go to It is important to keep in mind that SMSs from the mobile number of the registered user of the SMS-112 service will automatically arrive in the information system of the Emergency Response Centre and those from unregistered users will arrive there with a delay.

When registering with the service and in case of questions, you can get help from the state helpline 1247, by e-mail: ... or from associations and chambers of people with hearing and speech impairments. You can find the corresponding contacts on the websites of the Estonian Association of the Deaf and the Estonian Association of the Hard-of-hearing Persons.