eCall is a notification system, which is used to forward an emergency notification from a vehicle to the Emergency Response Centre, and thanks to which it is possible to send out an emergency notification in the case of a traffic accident even if the injured parties are not able to make an emergency call. The objective of the system is to increase safety and decrease death cases, injuries and damage to property in the case of traffic accidents. eCall is operational across Europe.

eCall notifications are sent automatically or manually. In the case of a traffic accident, the device will activate automatically, but if necessary, it can be activated by pushing a button as well. Once the system has been activated, an emergency call is made from the car to the Emergency Response Centre. The rescue coordinator will see minimum data about the car and its location on the map. Even if people have been rendered unable to speak after the accident, information can be forwarded via the eCall system.

The Emergency Response Centre has been able to receive eCall notifications as of 1 October 2017. Car manufacturers are required to install a eCall device that meets the requirements to all new passenger cars and vans that are sold in the EU as of 31 March 2018.