Map application GIS-112

GIS-112 is a part of the information system used for processing emergency notifications. This tool helps determine the exact location of the event, provides real time overview of rescue, police and ambulance vehicles, and enables exchange of information between the Emergency Response Centre and dispatch workers.

GIS-112 consists of a digital map, which is used by employees of the Emergency Response Centre and computers in the dispatch vehicles (ambulance, police and rescue workers).

In addition to the official address data of the Land Board, the map also includes various objects (public buildings, monuments, utility poles, bus stops, etc.), which help quickly determine the location of the event and send out help. The application calculates which dispatches would make it to the scene the fastest and forwards that information electronically to ambulance, police and rescue vehicles. Additionally, all the information provided to the rescue coordinator by the caller will also be forwarded to the dispatches in real time.

The map applications GS-112 was adopted in the summer of 2014 and it was created in the framework of an Estonian-Swiss cooperation programme.