State helpline 1247

State helpline 1247

The state helpline is an information number operating next to the emergency number 112, which offers information and advice in Estonian, Russian and English 24 hours a day in situations where life, health and property are not endangered.

The senior specialists of the state helpline provide and collect information related to the environment, roads, rescue field and currently also the coronavirus.

One of the most important goals of the service is to reduce the burden of the 112 emergency number, i.e. to help people with non-emergency calls. Safety information and instructions for behaviour are also provided to prevent accidents.

The emergency response centre has the capability to use emergency and information numbers during an emergency or a major accident as a crisis helpline, through which recommendations and instructions for behaviour are distributed to the population.

State helpline 1247 is free of charge when calling from all Estonian networks.

When calling from abroad dial +372 600 1247

If necessary, send information to the e-mail address ...

All calls made to state helpline are recorded.

Since its establishment, the state helpline has relied largely on volunteers who, together with the staff of the Emergency Response Centre in four centres all over Estonia, help answer people's questions every day. If you want to become a volunteer on the state helpline, let us know here and we will contact you!