State helpline 1247

Information shared from the state helpline

The partners of the state helpline service are the Environmental Board, the Transport Administration and the Rescue Board. This means that we provide:

  • information on problems with state roads to the Transport Administration

Call 1247 if you notice that there is a traffic jam on the road; the road is dirty (manure, soil, sand, etc.); debris is on the road as a result of a traffic accident; there are hazardous holes in the road; the gravel road is in poor condition; the road is flooded; the road is slippery or snowed in; there are loose rocks or gravel on the road; a traffic sign is broken, missing or misleading; trees have fallen on the road; there is an animal carcass on the road; there is another situation on the road that could endanger traffic.

  • Information on environmental and animal-related problems to the Environmental Board

Call 1247 if you notice environmental pollution or a risk of pollution; illegal logging, fishing or other illegal use of nature; illegal dumping of waste; a mass of dead animals, birds or fish; cruel treatment of animals; other environmental offenses; a manifestly helpless wild animal or bird in a condition requiring intervention; large game killed on the road (wolf, bear, lynx, wild boar, red deer, elk or roe-deer).

  • Rescue Board’s information and advice on various topics in the field of rescue

Call 1247 if you need rescue information or advice on how to make your home safer; you need the contacts and reception hours of rescue officers; you want to know where and how to make a fire; you want to report a dangerous building or an uncovered well; you want more information about the rescue board’s prevention campaigns; you have a question about the field of rescue, but you do not know where to turn; you want the contact details of a certified chimney sweeper.

From 2020, the state helpline is also used as a crisis information telephone, which means that until the end of the corona pandemic, the helpline will also provide official and verified information concerning restrictions or codes of conduct related to the spread of the virus.