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Training events and notification thereof

High risk objects are obligated, with an order of the Minister of the Interior, to organise evacuation training once a year. Usually this is conducted along with a fire safety training event.

It is also possible to incorporate a test emergency call to the Emergency Response Centre in the training event. Practicing an emergency notification is not mandatory, but it does help increase people’s awareness on how and what kind of information one has to forward in case of an emergency.

It has been agreed upon that a 112 call is made if the training event includes a rescue team (and/or some other dispatch team). In order to involve a dispatch team in the training event, this has to be agreed upon with the relevant authority in advance. The test call of the training event has to be started with the word “TRAINING”.

If the training event will involve a test emergency call, notify the Emergency Response Centre of this at least three business days in advance by sending an email to .... In that case, the call made to 112 in the framework of a training event, will act as a notification for the Emergency Response Centre to send the dispatch team to the training location.

Include the following in the notice:

  • specific time of the test emergency call (date, time of day);
  • location of the evacuation training event (address), the name of the building/object/organisation (e.g. the Solaris shopping centre or “Endla” theatre);
  • if possible, a brief summary of the script of the training event (incl. the number of people in the building during the training event), whether “cold smoke” will be used, etc.;
  • what kind of rescue or other dispatch resources will be used during the training event (and who authorised that use from the relevant authority);
  • the name and contact data (incl. mobile phone number) of the person organising the evacuation training.

If the evacuation training is conducted in a building with people present who may not be aware of the training event (e.g. visitors of a shopping centre) and it is likely that someone might make a real emergency call due to mistaking the training for a real situation, please notify us of this possibility as well.

You can find more detailed instructions for making an emergency call during an evacuation training event here.