We ask that you send all media inquiries concerning the Emergency Response Centre to ... or call the number 628 7420.

The media communication of the Emergency Response Centre is coordinated by the communications department:

Marie Aava
Head of communications department
+372 5309 3111

Media inquiries sent to the Emergency Response Centre

The Emergency Response Centre provides explanations concerning the receipt of emergency notifications and forwarding emergency information to the police, ambulance and rescue workers. The representatives of the units that responded to an emergency on site have the competence to comments on the work of the units.

The main function of the Emergency Response Centre is to respond, via the emergency phone number 112, to emergency notifications aimed for the ambulance, police and rescue workers. All emergency calls are received at the Emergency Response Centre and employees in the same work hall of the Emergency Response Centre in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Jõhvi send ambulance, police and rescue workers to those in need of help.

The Emergency Response Centre does not disclose, in the media, personal data of people who have turned to the Emergency Response Centre; neither does the centre issue recordings of emergency calls to the media, in order to protect those turning to the Emergency Response Centre.