Emergency phone number 112

Emergency calls outside of Estonia

In the European Union, calls to 112 are free from mobiles, landlines and public payphones; there is no need to use a dialling code. The 112 call will be answered by an employee of the 112 centre of the country of your current location, therefore, you should provide information in the local language. In most cases, English will also be a suitable option.

When travelling outside of Europe, find out what are the local emergency phone numbers, as there may be several ones. If you encounter difficulties while abroad, turn to the Estonian consular post or the nearest EU member state representation. In case of emergency, you can also consult with the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by calling the number:+372 53 01 9999 (24h)

When abroad, you can contact the Estonian Emergency Response Centre by sending an email to ...; but this option is meant for asking or providing information only. In the case of a event undergoing in Estonian that requires rapid intervention, contact the emergency response centre of the country you are currently in and ask them to connect you to the Estonian Emergency Response Centre.  Most emergency response centres in Europe have the contact information of emergency response centres of other European countries.