National co-operation partners

The Emergency Response Centre provides services in cooperation with its highly regarded partners. 

Our main cooperation partners are the Police and Border Guard Board, the Rescue Board and the Health Board, as well as the units of their contractual partners, with whom need for assistance is forwarded and the quality of emergency services is improved.

The IT and Development Centre at the Estonian Ministry of the Interior (SMIT) is an important cooperation partner with regard to technical developments and equipment; the SMIT helps solve daily maintenance issues of information systems, prepare and carry out development plans and implement technical tools that are best suited for the work at hand.

The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences trains officials for the Emergency Response Centre and provides refresher training for them. The academy and the Emergency Response Centre cooperate to develop curricula and contribute to improving education quality.

Main cooperation partners of the help and information centre of the Emergency Response Centre are local governments of Tallinn and its surrounding municipalities, the Environmental Inspectorate, the Environmental Board and the Road Administration.

 The Emergency Response Centre also cooperates with the Family Physician Advice Line 1220 and the Estonian Weather Service.