International cooperation

A lot of cooperation is conducted with the Latvian emergency response service, e.g. in cases where it is necessary to send urgent help across the border to help solve an event. Help is provided both ways, from Latvia to Estonia and the other way around. Cooperation with other 112 centres in Europe is also ensured – the Estonian Emergency Response Centre has all the necessary contact information.

When further developing the emergency response service, international cooperation is coordinated by the cooperation and planning department of the Emergency Response Centre.

In terms of sharing their best practices, the Finnish Emergency Response Centre has been a great partner for Estonia, as they use a similar organisation of work as Estonia, as well as a similar system for answering and processing 112 calls. In addition to our Finnish colleagues, the Emergency Response Centre has hosted several foreign delegations in the past few years, including delegations from Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Moldova, Georgia, Norway, the Netherlands, Afghanistan, Albania, Mauritius, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Ukraine, Uganda, France, etc.