European Emergency Number Association EENA

The European Emergency Number Association was created to develop the 112 service in Europe. The non-profit organisation located in Brussels helps ensure that all residents of the EU are aware of the cross-European emergency phone number 112 and that the provision of help is rapid and high-quality.

EENA encourages countries to share their best 112 practices, supports cooperation of public servants in the rescue field, 112 centres, researchers, etc.  The organisation also takes part in organising the European 112 Day and conducts various conferences and seminars.

Once a year, EENA gives out 112 awards to acknowledge those whose work and contributions have improved the provision of help or saved someone’s life. In 2016, the Estonian Emergency Response Centre received a 112 award for the successful project of transitioning to a single emergency phone number.

More information regarding EENA can be found here.