State helpline 1247 and help and information service

Road information 1510

The road information line 1510 has been set up so that information can be submitted regarding various problems on national roads.

Call this number if you notice that:

  • there is traffic obstacle on the road;
  • the road is covered in manure, soil, sand etc.;
  • there is trash on the road as a result of a traffic accident;
  • there are dangerous holes on the road;
  • the gravel road is in poor condition:
  • the road has been flooded;
  • the road is icy or snowed in;
  • there are loose ricks or gravel on the road;
  • there is missing traffic sign, it is broken or misleading;
  • trees have fallen onto the road;
  • there is an animal carcass on the road;
  • some other situation that is dangerous to traffic has occurred.

The information line will register your notification and forward it to the Traffic Management Centre, road maintenance or other cooperation partners.

The phone line is open across Estonia and around the clock, calls can be made from mobile phones and landlines alike. It is also possible to use the longer number 614 0500. Calls to the short number 1510 are free of charge, when calling to the landline number 614 0500, a fee will apply in accordance to the operator's price list. The road information email address is

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