Help and information centre

Local government helpline 1345

The main goal of the local government helpline is to help residents with solving problems that arise in daily life.

Call 1345 if you:

  • need help with quickly solving unexpected technical daily life problems or utility network malfunctions or disruptions;
  • need help in the field of everyday organisation and housing matters;
  • have noticed that something has gone wrong in the organisation of local life;
  • need information on issues related to life in the municipality;
  • would like to propose changes to improve life in the municipality.

The helpline 1345 is open for calls around the clock and forwards problems for solving to the necessary authorities, as well as forwarding information and suggestions. Calls can be made to the short number 1345 and long number 603 1345 of the helpline from mobile phones and landlines alike. When calling the helpline, a fee will apply in accordance to the operator's price list. if necessary, you can also reach out via email at