State helpline 1247 and help and information service

Environmental info 1313

Call if you notice:

  • environmental pollution or threat of pollution;
  • illegal logging, fishing or other misuse of nature;
  • illegal waste storage;
  • large numbers of dead birds, animals or fish;
  • cruel treatment of animals;
  • other illegal environmental activities;
  • a wild animal or bird who is in a helpless state, in a situation that needs intervention;
  • large wild game (wolf, bear, lynx, boar, red deer, moose or elk, or roe-deer) who has been killed on the road.

The 1313 will register your notification and forward it to the relevant county where it will be dealt with further. Registration is dependent on the content of the notification. Cases that need rapid intervention (if the risk of pollution is severe or the illegal activity is currently ongoing), inspectors strive to get to the site as soon as possible. Other situations are solved at the earliest opportunity.

Fishing vessel notifications

In addition to notifications concerning environmental violations and issues, 1313 also receives fishing vessel notifications. According to the current procedure, ships’ masters of fishing vessels that fish on the Baltic Sea and fishermen who do so on Lake Peipus are obligated to notify of their arrival to harbour and of the amount of fish caught. This enables authorities to organise inspections.

In order to protect the fish resources of Lake Peipus, Lämmijärv and Pskov, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Rural Affairs and organisations of fishermen of Peipus have concluded a free-will agreement, in relation to which guidelines have been compiled for submitting notifications of potential offences.

The short number of the environmental emergency hotline is 1313, the long number is 633 1313, both are open for calls from across the country round the clock. A fee will apply to calls in accordance to the operator's price list. When calling the short number, the hold time of the call will also be charged; whereas, hold time will not be charged for calls made to the longer number. The email address of 1313 is:

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