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Who is a call-taker?

A call-taker is an employee of the Emergency Response Centre who answers and processes calls made to 112 in order to get help from the police, ambulance and rescue workers; call-takers also send ambulance and rescue workers to the scene. Call-takers have an extremely important job – they help save lives.

Acquiring the profession of a call-taker, and the subsequent skills and experiences, will help you in your personal life as well – e.g. should any of your close ones get into an accident or you happen to witness one. A call-taker is a special public servant who is subject to all the obligations, rights and benefits arising from the legislation. For example, the Rescue Service Act stipulates an obligation for unscheduled work, it also provides the right to get a longer vacation, increased old-age pension and the payment of allowance of a rescue servant waiting for old-age pension.

A call-taker answering a 112 call will quickly determine what has happened, how urgently and where and ambulance, rescue workers or police is needed, and enters data into the information system. The event data will be displayed from the information system to logisticians and police duty officers working at the same work hall of the Emergency Response Centre. The call-taker and logistician of the Emergency Response Centre will forward a dispatch order to ambulances and rescue teams and a police duty officer shall send out police units. The two-stage work organisation during answering a call and sending out help, means that help will arrive quicker.

The skills and knowledge necessary for the work of a rescue coordinator have been set out in the Professional standard of a call-taker.